About us

faceI’m Lisa and I’m a 20-something book lover, former bookseller currently working in digital publishing. I mainly read fantasy, YA and new adult fiction, but I”ll quite happily drift into MG fiction or literary fiction whenever the whim takes me.  My all-time favourite authors are Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Naturally, I’m a big fan of Good Omens. I’ve been registered blind since 2014, but that hasn’t stopped me reading! It has made me really passionate about digital publishing, and accessibility in the book industry, and I’d always love to chat with anyone interested about that! You can find me on twitter @lisathom_

I’m Jon, and I’m a 20-something History teacher.  I have also taught English, and I try my best to instil my love of reading onto the students that I teach. I love reading fantasy titles, but I’m also equally happy with sci-fi, mystery, YA or anything else that catches my fancy. I love anything with a bit of humour and complex character interactions, but I am also equally happy reading trashy, by the numbers thrillers. I like talking about books, and am always up for talking to people who are of a similar point of view as me. You can find me on twitter @nexustheduck