Review policy

To avoid any disappointment or confusion, please read our review policy before submitting your book for review.

We will accept advanced reader copies, published novels and e-copies, although physical copies are preferred. We can accept both epub and mobi eBook types.

We currently will not accept self-published books to review. We may independently decide to review self-published titles, but this is at our discretion.

When sending your submission, please get our names right! We will ignore your submission if our names aren’t spelled correctly or are outright wrong. We do the utmost to ensure our reviews are proofread and would never publish a review with your name spelt incorrectly, so we’d really appreciate the same courtesy. It helps that they’re both quite short!

We cannot guarantee that we will review your book but will give you notice and justification if this is the case. We cannot currently provide a fixed time period with which accepted titles will be reviewed, but we will keep you notified.

All book reviews are posted to this website, Goodreads and Amazon. Please let us know if you would also like the review posted elsewhere.